Exploring Wilderness Lodge

As mentioned, we had planned originally to drive to Orlando and then we changed our minds and decided to fly and then flights were cheaper a day earlier so we ended up arriving a day before we really had planned.  Anyone who has been to Disney in the past year knows you can’t just change up your plans without 180 days notice (haha!) so we decided to leave all our reservations in place, which is really just a long winded way of saying we had no plans for our first morning at Disney World.

The kids still woke up ridiculously early, I can assure you of that.

Let the vacation eating begin!

Eating bacon with her hands (while holding her fork)

Double fisting the hash brown casserole

The resort was so pretty with so much to explore and see and do. We really wish now we’d stayed an extra day just to have a hotel day.

This hotel is so incredibly themed; if you could ignore the Spanish moss hanging from all the trees, it would be really easy to believe you were at a turn of the century western national park lodge.

There was even a geyser!

But who needs a geyser when there’s a splash pad!

And it was a fantastic splash pad

Enjoyed by all

Even the big kids!

So begins the challenge of trying to get a family picture…

Seen in the wild, a mama + baby picture!

Planning note if you’re planning a trip to Disney any time soon, get the Memory Maker upgrade. It’s the one where you get unlimited photos of your trip from any photo pass photographer. I cannot tell you how worth it was to us. This was just a picture that Josh took, but I have so, so, SO many pictures of our whole family or pictures with me in them that I wouldn’t have if we didn’t get the Memory Maker. Do it. It’s one of the best things you can add to your Disney experience I think. It really let me just enjoy the experience instead of being so focused on capturing it in photos.

Meanwhile, Graham discovers the joy of toilet paper. Hello Mousekeeping!

Vacation dining, part two

And part three. Eliza fed him cupcake.

I guess the pool calories burned balanced out the cupcake sugar intake because it was then time for a post lunch nap.

Much needed by all because when they woke up

It was time to catch the boat to the Magic Kingdom!

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