Magic Kingdom – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

There’s nothing quite like kicking off a trip to Disney with a bang!

Or, you know, mass chaos!

The girls were so looking forward to this (it was one of the few things about the trip they knew for sure we were doing) and had fun looking at pictures and videos online, picking out their hairstyles in advance and just looking forward to being fussed over.

And they were definitely fussed over!

This little sweet smile says it all!

Pro Tip Even if you book your appointments together, you probably won’t be worked on at the same time or even nearby each other. They did try to get the girls close enough so that I could watch both of them though.

This picture just makes me laugh!

Pro Tip If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. Get the Memory Maker. So worth it. I was just able to be there and participate instead of worrying about getting everything captured in photos. Plus, the photographers know what they are doing and I don’t! Their lighting is spot on and they know how to work with the stylists without being all interfering.

Love this shot of my big girl

The stylists (or in Disney speak, Fairy Godmothers In Training) were so, so, so excellent. I know they have to be so tired of dealing with kids all day (and their parents!!) but you would never know it. They were so good with the girls and I loved seeing my girls get so awed that the FGIT “knew” the princesses on a first name basis! But they still took the time to admire Marion’s cat socks.

We got the package with hair, nails and makeup (the Crown package.)

Pro Tip The girls wanted the t-shirts but I didn’t want to double the price to include the t-shirt and a tutu that they’d never wear again. All of those add ons are available separately and really reasonably priced (for Disney money!)

Working in the infamous jellyfish jelly!

Fancy nails

And blue eyeshadow, of course!

Another fantastic shot

Jellyfish jelly is the real deal!

Pixie dust!

Ready for the big reveal!

She is so, so, so pleased ๐Ÿ™‚

Pixie dust for Marion

I’m still finding glitter in her hair!

Love the mickey barrette (I may have worn it myself…)




Y’all. Just. I love them.

This was such a fun and special experience to do with them

It even included this hysterically cheesy photo shoot afterwards

How can you not just love this?

You can guarantee these pictures will be revived when they are about 16 ๐Ÿ™‚

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