Magic Kingdom – First Visit

(I know I’m dragging this out but I don’t care; it was that awesome)

So after the visit to BBB and the crash course in modeling, we were off to experience Magic Kingdom.

Did I mention the crash course in modeling?

Again with the modeling!

For anyone planning a trip soon, here’s a pretty detailed list of what we did.

After BBB, our first ride was Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel. Then we had a FP+ for Ariel’s Grotto ride. Graham completely and totally lost it on that and I nursed on my first (and not at all last) Disney ride.

Dinner was at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. We had no trouble finding a spot to sit and the food was great. This was around 7:30/8:00. The cool thing about that restaurant is that we could see out over Small World. It didn’t have a line, so after dinner, that’s where we headed. We rode it twice with no waiting!

We used our second FP for Peter Pan. It’s a super fun ride but I do not understand why the line was always an hour. Definitely use your FP+ for it!

After that, we had about two hours or so until the fireworks and lines were not at all bad. So we headed over to the Storybook Circus area and had a blast with zero waiting. So with Barnstormer, you can only sit two across and kids had to be a certain height (or age, I can’t remember) to ride by themselves.

So Josh took Marion on that while I took Graham and Eliza on Dumbo.

Then we switched and Eliza and I went on Barnstormer and Josh took Mar & Graham on Dumbo. Barnstormer is the shortest ride ever but super fun. Not something I would stand in line for, but since there was no line, it was great.

I was using the Touring Plans app to track line waits and again, super surprised how little wait there was for so many things.

We decided to do our first character meet and got in line for Minnie & Daisy. But apparently Donald and Goofy were bored with no one in their line, so we hopped on over to see them instead.

Graham was pleased with that choice.

She was a little starstruck 🙂 (Also, can I point out that Marion’s hair hasn’t moved an inch and Eliza’s was almost already undone? That child’s hair is a force of nature.)

FYI, Goofy is really tall.

Side note, the photographers are so fantastic. Just about every one made sure to get pictures of me and Graham and those are so special to have.

Kisses for Donald!

More kisses!

Gimme that duck!

Our last FP was for the fireworks and it was a waste. I had read reviews that said you only need to show up about five minutes before, plenty of room to sit down, etc. Um, not true. It was an amazing viewing spot but we were standing shoulder to shoulder

Except for Graham who was racked out by this point!

Before we left, I purposefully deleted all social media off my phone (and even email) so I could focus on being more present blah blah blah. Sometimes (believe it or not) I even tried to put the camera (phone) down and just enjoy. Most of the time it worked out great. But the one thing I didn’t get that I wish I did (although I’m not sure any picture could fully capture it) was the absolute joy and awe on Marion’s face when Tinkerbell flew over us.

“Mama, oh mama, she’s really flying!”

Not going to lie. I cried 🙂

Another tip I had read (and this one was true) was that if you leave right after the fireworks, it takes forever to get back to your hotel. So you should take advantage of short lines, go back and ride rides again and leave an hour later and not have to wait for transportation.

So we rode Small World. Again. 🙂

By some sort of pixie dust magic, on our way out, we accidentally ended up with amazing spots for view the Electric Light Parade

So of course we had to stop and watch.

And even though it was almost midnight

It was totally worth it for that smile!

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