Magic Kingdom – Day Two (AKA ALL THE PRINCESSES. EVER.)

Get ready as this is just part one of three all about just day two at Disney!

Of course, it was the 24 hour Disney event, so I’ll use that as my excuse.

We tried to be logical with our fast pass selections. I had absolutely no idea what the girls would or would not like to do when it came to rides. Half of my childhood favorites are around anymore and Marion tends to be very timid so I thought there was a good chance she’d be terrified. Our logic was as follows:

Day 1 – the classics. Get them out of the way and get used to rides in general
Day 2 – meet ALL THE PRINCESSES and test ride some of the bigger rides
Day 3 – all the big rides

Here’s a thing I didn’t know about Disney before we started planning our vacation. Their hours aren’t set in stone. They don’t publish a schedule on January 1 and then it’s set in stone. The hours are constantly changing (or at least it felt like that with planning.) Especially special things like the extra magic hours and opening times. We booked our trip after the 180 day food window had past but before the 60 day Fast Pass window. I was up at 1 a.m. trying to get Anna and Elsa and got some outrageously late time. I kept trying for a week and got a (not to our family) outrageous time of 6:30 a.m. I thought it had to be a typo. Nope, Disney had announced their 24 hour event to kick off the summer and the park was opening at 6 a.m. Which actually turned out to be fabulous for our ALL THE PRINCESSES DAY.

This is what it looks like waiting for the bus at 5:45 a.m.

Practically there for sunrise!

I love their tennis shoes under their costumes!

A funny side note, as most parents will know, costumes are so cheaply made. I bought the Disguise brand Elsa coronation costume from Amazon. It was so ridiculously well made. And I needed it to be cheaply made! The top was black velvet. High neck. Long sleeves. I know Eliza would die in it, so the best made costume I’ve ever bought, I had to tear apart! I took my seam ripper to and took the entire bodice off. Sewed up the zipper seam and added an elastic waist to the skirt. Worked pretty perfectly with just a black tank top and way more practical for a 90* day.

This boy, such a good mouseketeer

Even with a fastpass, we had to wait a few minutes. They were in the presence of royalty and suitably awestruck.

Worth a 5:00 a.m. wake up call after a midnight bedtime.

I think Elsa might have been my favorite princess to see them with. Some of the princesses had lines you could tell they just said over and over but Elsa seemed to genuinely listen to the girls and have an honest interaction with them.


Eliza took her Elsa modeling seriously.

How cute is Anna?

Eliza asked her what her favorite sandwich was

Graham needed a break at this point so I went to the baby care center (OMG. You guys. It’s worth traveling to Disney with a baby or toddler just to have access to the baby centers. Such a lifesaver.) I left Josh and the girls to a snack I think while I fed Graham and we met back up in Liberty Square.

And look who they ran into!

I think Tiana might have the best dress.

From the baby center to meet up with them, I got this gorgeous view of the castle.

After Tiana, we had a FP for Belle and her magic mirror

Marion got to be Phillipe and Eliza was Chip, which is really about the most perfect casting ever.

Enchanted Tales with Belle might be my most favorite “new” Disney thing

Day two of her princess hairdo and it’s still going strong



My little Chip

Love this!

Another reason to get Memory Maker. Or else all you end up with is pictures like this!

Eliza’s little smirk smile makes me laugh

They asked Belle what her favorite book was. Apparently it’s the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Even Graham wasn’t left out šŸ™‚

She called him a little teacup. He just wanted to touch her gloves.

Our last pre-planned fast pass was for meeting Ariel. Which also proved to be a great place for Graham to crawl around.

Ariel was pretty fantastic

If I’m recalling correctly, I think she spent more time with the girls than any other princess

Eliza asked her what her favorite seashell was and they spent a few minutes picking out the various shells in the grotto

I thought it was nice of her to chat with them like that.

So maybe my most favorite thing as a parent (besides the baby care center) was this great play area at Dumbo. You walk in, get a beeper and they let you know when it’s your turn to ride while your kids play. Brilliant!

Showing her Lane genetics, hands up all the time!

Even when you were just sitting on the ground.

How cool is this shot (the background at least!)

We split up again and Josh took the girls on Barnstormer while I nursed Graham who was overdue for a nap at this point. Conveniently, the ride is close by the train so while Eliza & Josh rode Barnstormer, a sleeping Graham, Marion and I rode the train back to Main Street.

Then we met back up because it was time for brunch at Cinderella’s Castle!

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