Magic Kingdom – Day Two (Brunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table)

It’s only 10:20 a.m. and already we’ve been at Magic Kingdom for four hours! This was probably if not the thing I was most looking forward to, one of the things that was at the top of my list.

Eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table inside the castle.

I remember being a kid and walking through the tunnel at the castle. And it was so cool and so neat but I always wanted there to be more. I knew there just had to be a way to get inside and a mere twenty years later, there is! See kids, don’t ever, ever, give up!

Another piece of travel advice. Just about all the Disney websites out there tell you to book your ADR (that’s advance dining reservation) for before the park opens because then you’re already inside the park when it opens and have a head start on the rest of the sheeple waiting to get in. “They” think that stopping in the middle of the morning to eat is a waste of prime riding time. And they may be right, if you aren’t traveling with littles and if you didn’t get to the park before sunrise.

So, if you’re using the extra magic hours and making an early morning of it, getting one of the last seatings for the breakfast meal is a great way to wrap up the morning in the park. And an added bonus, our server let us know that there wasn’t another crowd after us, that they had to flip the room for lunch service and we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted. Then he refilled our coffee cups to prove his point.

Quick dining review:

This was our first character meal. I knew we would meet Cindy first, then the other princesses would come around once we were seated and eating. What I didn’t know was that the line to see Cindy (even with our reservation) would be insanely long. I think we waited longer to see her than any of the rides we did without a fast pass. It might have had something to do with the fact we were about the last people she saw that morning but still, it was kind of ridiculous. The other disappointment/something I didn’t realize beforehand, was there were no photographers for the princesses you met while you were inside. That was a big bummer. It was incredibly difficult to actually try to eat your own meal and get decent pictures at the same time. I quickly realized though that we had already met Anna, Elsa, Tiana, Belle, Ariel and Cinderella and gotten pro pictures with them. So I relaxed and just made it a point to work meeting the other girls in a pro picture setting later on in the trip.

Not going to lie. It’s insanely and ridiculously expensive. Our server was good but I can see how some people (especially if you were paying cash and not imaginary Disney money like we have with the dining plan) could feel it was sub par service. But again, let’s be honest, you aren’t here for the outstanding service and exquisite cuisine, you’re here because you have children, probably young girls, that are absolutely princess obsessed and you’re taking them to meet Cinderella inside her freakin’ castle. So just roll with it.

The food was super yummy though (Josh got the lobster and crab crepes. I had the stuffed french toast.) They brought Graham some sort of sugar dough concoction thing even though technically he wasn’t on the meal plan which was nice. The girls also got plastic wands that have survived the month since we’ve been back and Graham got a sword. Just what every 10 month old boy needs.

Enough words, on with the pictures:

They had the front side of the castle closed to get ready for a show. Which actually provided a great place for Graham to stretch his legs.

Side note: If your kids think the princesses are the REAL DEAL and you’ve just met one or two of them, avoid like the plague any parades or shows because your kids are going to want to know how they got from one place to the other so fast.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip, nursing Graham inside Cinderella’s castle.

Despite the wait, Marion was so excited.

Eliza, not quite so much.

Cinderella’s shoulder puffs need to be yanked down.

Eliza wasn’t all doom and gloom

And even Graham was a (moderately) charming little prince

Although he was much more interested in his muffins and sword than princesses.

First princess up, Aurora!

Eliza went in for the double hug

Snow White was charmed by Graham

And it appears the feeling was mutual.

Ariel, this time in her human form (surprisingly, the girls had no questions about how she was able to transition from mermaid to human so easily.)

MMMMMMM, swords are yummy

Ooooh, Princess Jasmine! According to every little girl ever, she has the best outfit.

She was kind enough to pose for a picture with Graham

And he was kind enough

To try to share his muffin with her.

Also that’s the greatest picture in the history of all tourist pictures from Disney.

The inside of the castle,

FYI, did not disappoint

So yes. It’s expensive. The service can be spotty. The food (at least for breakfast) is good, if on the small portion side.

The chance to see your girls pose inside Cinderella’s castle, as the commercial says, well that’s just priceless.

And then your husband gets to walk around with a sword strapped to his backpack which is also pretty awesome.

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One Response to Magic Kingdom – Day Two (Brunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table)

  1. Bec J. H. says:

    I must agree that that photo of Graham giving Jasmine some muffin is indeed the greatest Disney photo ever – well done! 🙂

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