Magic Kingdom – Day Three

My husband has kindly reminded me that summer is almost over and I’m still not done with blogging about Disney, so I’m going to try to get it done before school starts again.Ā  Wish me luck with that one.

It was another early morning wake up for our crew

Although not quite so early as the previous morning.

We kicked off the day by having breakfast with Pooh at Crystal Palace.

We had reservations for pre-opening hours

Which some of us weren’t so happy about apparently.

Others were thrilled with it.

We did get some awesome family pictures!

And some less than enthusiastic ones too.

Love this one!

Not so much this one.

(Someone was clearly having some moments. And not magical moments either. Just keeping it real here.)

There might have been a time out involved.

But Winnie the Pooh makes everyone better!

Love this one too

Apparently Tigger was Graham’s absolute favorite character. But I missed it as I was standing in line for food šŸ˜¦

He was a little less sure about Piglet.

The park had just opened when we were done eating so we quickly went over to meet Merida.

Eliza wanted her hair down so she could show Merida her curly hair too!

Merida was one of my personal favorite princesses – meeting her early in the morning meant she wasn’t worn out yet šŸ™‚

Getting to shoot the bow and arrow after was pretty great too

(They also had coloring pages for the kids too which was awesome)

I’ve talked a little bit before about using fast passes and today was sort of the penultimate fast pass day. I saved all the big rides for our last full Magic Kingdom day because I just had no idea how the girls would do on the roller coaster type of rides. Turns out, I’ve got adrenaline junkies on my hands!

The way we did it was this. I made FP+ for the girls and I. We all went up to the ride and asked for a child switch pass for Josh because he was holding Graham. The girls and I would go and ride, then as soon as we got off, Josh and the girls would go through using the child switch pass. I also made FP+ for Josh to ride by himself. We’d all go to the line together, ask for a rider switch, then Josh went and rode the ride by himself. When he got off, either he or I would take the kids back through with the rider switch. That meant the girls got to ride each of the big rides three times each with no waiting.

Splash Mountain with mom

Splash Mountain with dad

While Graham and I waited, I indulged his new found love of Tigger šŸ™‚

World’s greatest ride picture

We thoroughly enjoyed Seven Dwarves Mine Train I think it’s safe to say!

We also rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and it (as always) is one of my favorites. The only one of the big rides we didn’t do was Space Mountain. Eliza wasn’t tall enough for it and Marion didn’t think she was quite ready to ride by herself (the seating for it is just one person in front of the other and she didn’t want to do that. Next trip it’ll be for sure!)

It might have been a little exhausting šŸ™‚

But the day wasn’t done yet!

We had lunch reservations at Be Our Guest still to do! This was the one ADR I wasn’t totally happy with. Even though I booked it at 3 a.m. the day they started taking reservations, we could only get a 1 p.m. reservation and no matter how much or how often I checked, we could never get a dinner reservation. That was the one that I really wanted but it just never happened. Oh well.

They were super strict about not letting you in ahead of your reservation time and the wait to get into the castle was way longer than it should have been but I imagine by now, those kinks have been worked out a bit.

The castle was wonderfully themed though. In fact, I got in trouble because I kept going around all the rooms with the kids and they couldn’t track me to deliver our food!

The rose was incredibly! But the West Wing is super dark and the thunder noises are very loud so it wasn’t the place for us.

We ate in the Grand Ballroom and it was lovely!

We sat by the “windows” and the falling snow was so neat (even if it did make going back out into the heat awful.)

People at Disney love to kvetch about the food. They complain about there “just” being hamburgers and french fries but when given actual French food, complain that it’s too weird and fancy. We had no problems with it though and certainly appreciated choices that didn’t include chicken nuggets.

I don’t think anyone has complained about the desserts though!

More posing šŸ™‚

Graham liked these kind of beasties

Then it was the boat ride back to the hotel and naptime! This was the one day that we didn’t go back to Magic Kingdom in the evening, instead choosing to play at the pool and see the fireworks from our room.

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