Animal Kingdom – Day Four

Snowy peaks can be deceiving, we’re still in the middle of Florida!

Given that Animal Kingdom wasn’t even built until I was halfway through college, I was entering uncharted territory in planning this part of our vacation and decided to mostly wing it. Reviews from friends and online people are pretty mixed, especially when you factor in young children. Honestly, we had no idea what to expect and just kind of went with winging it.

In a word, it was awesome. We wish we could go back and spend so much more time there. There was so much we felt we didn’t get to do and places we didn’t get to explore. All in all, we give Animal Kingdom a big two thumbs up.

Again, the “internets” told us to avoid magic hours at the parks. That they were often crowded and not everything might be open. So we opted to sleep in just a little bit this morning and get there are regular opening time. MISTAKE! We got there a few minutes before regular hours and now I wish we’d been there the full hour early.

Because it turns out, there was NO LINE for Expedition Everest and Marion got to ride it back to back.

And oh my stars. Y’all. I got off this and my legs were shaking. Hands down, best roller coaster ever.

You can’t tell, but we were both still trembling. It was great.

Marion rode it again with Josh while I took the littles down to Dino-Rama

Because Eliza was feeling a little left out.

Not for long though šŸ™‚

I will go on and say that if you have very little kids, it might be a disappointment because there aren’t a ton of rides with no height limits on them. And there are lot of shows to see (we didn’t get to see any) but you have to have kids willing to sit and wait for them to start (good chance to rest though.) I can see where a lot of people would say it was a half day trip but don’t write it off because for us, we could have spent a lot more time there.

A guaranteed family favorite though is the animal safari. (Even if some of your family sleeps through the whole thing!)

Hello there beastie

So this safari is definitely high in the cheese factor (even for Disney) but still, the landscaping and attention to detail is pretty cool.

Ya think?

Zebras are always a crowd pleaser

Also a crowd pleaser – the child care rooms. Again, it’s going to make me sad when we go back and I don’t have a reason to visit these little oasis of peace and quiet (and air conditioning!)

Tarzan also appeared to be a crowd pleaser. Or a mom pleaser if the line was any indication. Ahem.

While Josh and the girls rode the Kali River Rapids (and got totally soaked in the process!) Graham and I enjoyed the monkey antics of Monkey Island. Seriously, they were super active and so funny.

We also got to meet Pocahontas!

There was no line and she was super friendly.

Eliza was asking her about her necklace

It was a fairly lengthy conversation šŸ™‚

And then it was lunch time!

Again, “most people” say to get breakfast at Tusker House because they find the food to be too weird and unusual at lunch and dinner. I completely disagree. Yes, the food is different than standard theme park food but it was outstanding. I won’t admit to how many times we refilled our plates. (Strangely enough, we had more complaints about dessert than the lunch fare.)

Eliza was over characters at this point and just wanted to eat. Graham didn’t feel the same way.

Peek-a-boo with Daisy

Eliza couldn’t be bothered

She did get out of her chair for Mickey though šŸ™‚

The Donald.

Unfortunately, none of it was as good as it looks!

And then, back to the hotel for some nap time!

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