Epcot – Day Four

Day Four was our first (and supposedly only) split day. Since we had been told both Animal Kingdom and Epcot could be not so much fun with kids, we put them both on half day schedules.

The ball!

I wasn’t as pleasantly surprised with Epcot like I was with Animal Kingdom, but I still found myself wanting to spend more time there. Without kids though.

The kids had no complaints about Epcot though 🙂

We had dinner at the Norwegian restaurant, Akershus. Belle was the meet and greet Princess for the evening.

Eliza was so excited to talk to her about her earrings 🙂

We had the first seating for dinner (it was either 4:30 or 4:50) and as you can see, it was pretty quiet for the first bit.

Akershus is pretty cool. It will be really neat to see how they develop it out as Frozen continues to invade everything Disney.

I love this picture of Eliza. She was so over it all by this point in the trip (except for the rides) but she is still 100% convinced she saw the REAL princesses and this photo so captures this.

There was some twirling going on

And some posing

Sleeping Beauty with the sleeping baby

Another serious Ariel conversation (I’m telling you, Eliza kept these princesses on their toes!)

Lining up to do the princess parade

Snow White (duh)

Snow White and Sleepy

So this was our third character meal and second princess meal. First thing to say is, get the off times. Either the very beginning of dinner or the last seating at breakfast. It’s a lot quieter then, the servers tend to be not so rushed and the characters have a smidge more time to spend at each table.

Second, I think Akershus far outweighs Cinderella’s Royal Table in terms of interacting with the characters. The princess parade is great and again, they seemed less rushed. But, Cinderella had more princesses and it had a fancier feel that you would expect from Cinderella’s Castle.

Third, the food was outstanding. Again, I don’t understand these people who eat at Norwegian restaurants and get surprised that there is Norwegian food on the menu. Marion in particular loved her salmon and ate every bite (poor kid was dying for some fresh veggies and non-carb covered meats.) Eliza was equally happy with her pizza, haha.

Graham woke up towards the end of our meal and needed some mama food, so we found a quiet corner to nurse (there are so many quiet corners in Epcot!) and some space for him to stretch his legs.

Mickey britches!

Epcot is so gorgeous

I can only imagine how stunning it is during the flower festival.

Another interjection. Drinking your way through Epcot has become a thing now (maybe it has been for a while, I have no idea.) It can certainly sour your experience, especially if you come later in the day like we did and head towards Mexico first, also as we did. Tourist drunk on cheap margaritas that have been roasting in the sun all day long is never a pretty sight. Once we got through that and into some of the tamer areas, the drunk frat boys got less numerous and less obnoxious. There were so many shops and so many places to eat that I really want to go back when all the kids are old enough to go to kids’ club and just enjoy an adult day at Epcot. There was one incident with an unfortunate display of public vomiting, but there were also several times we saw/heard security keep the unrulies from being too far out there.

Visiting France with these goofs was fun but I’d like to go back without being worried about someone smashing something 🙂

The line for Snow White was short, so even though we just met her, we weren’t going to pass up that kind of photo opportunity.

Eliza was happy to just hang out with Josh and Graham and play in the grass, so Marion had some quality one on one time.

There was more twirling

And discussion of pie recipes. Snow White said apple pie makes her sleepy but she does love gooseberry pie.

Also, love this.

A quick break for a costume change and some ice cream.

Even G-man got some.

Oh Beans, drippy cone and all.

Yes, we just ate dinner and ice cream but I still made Josh stop for some fish and chips.

I was super glad we stopped because when we found a quiet corner for snacking, I also spied Pooh through a window and we were able to go for another hug!

Tackling Tigger

Hi Pooh Bear!

Tigger is still his favorite though

Showing Tigger how her curlies bounce

Love this picture of all of us!

More nitty gritty talk. With Fast Pass+ reservations, you can’t make more reservations using the app, you have to do it in person (once your original three are used up.) And you can’t make two for one park and one for another park, even on the same day. All of which meant, we didn’t have any reservations when we went to Epcot for rides. There are some great apps out there though with wait times and touring suggestions but don’t get so focused on what the app says that you have to do that you miss what’s right in front of you (like Pooh & Tigger with no wait.)

We rode Finding Nemo and it was so simple it was kind of ridiculous, but the kids liked it (Graham too) and it was simple sort of fun. It was getting fairly late then but the app said there was almost no wait for Mickey, so

We met the Mouse!

Mickey and I were clearly excited to see that he and Graham matched!

Laughing at the mickey ears on his bottom

Graham was going in for the kiss

And Eliza got a tickle

I haven’t had my picture with Mickey since I was 15 🙂

Have we talked about how tall Goofy is?

Because he’s really, really, really tall.

And Minnie is apparently delicious!

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