Hollywood Studios – Day Five

We had another pre-park breakfast reservation to start off our day at Hollywood Studios.

It was at Hollywood & Vine with the Disney Junior characters

Princess Sofia!

Gotta be honest, the bobble heads and arm sock things were really weird.

The girls were like, who is this guy?

Graham felt a little differently 🙂

So such feelings about Doc!

Doc Marion and Doc McStuffins

Everyone loves Jake (even though he seems to be looking over my shoulder for some reason…)

The most fun part about breakfast was the dance party and parade. They had them about every fifteen minutes and while it meant the kids didn’t get to eat much breakfast, they had a bunch of fun.

Fun sums up this breakfast the best. I think it was the most fun meal we had. The characters were fun, the wait staff was fun, the whole thing was just fun. And the waitress was a doll. She automatically brought out my coffee in a to-go cup, God bless her!

Now I’m going to go on and skip over the next part because it deserves it’s own post.

So we’ll just say…later on in the day…

Graham needed a nursing so Josh took the girls on the Star Wars Tour

Resulting in the ultra elusive daddy and girls picture

At this point in the vacation, I have to be honest, my planning failed me. I just didn’t do the research into Hollywood Studios and went on a wing and prayer for our fast passes and yeah, it just didn’t happen. Graham was having a bit of a grumpy day (and let’s be honest, who can blame him.) The park was way more spread out than I had anticipated and little legs were tired. The sun was blazing hot and there is zero shade. So. I kind of view our day at Hollywood Studios as a bust. Josh totally doesn’t agree with me about that and I guess his opinion matters too 🙂

We tried to go see Hiro and Baymax but the line was incredibly long and they only come out for a short period of time. So this is as close as we got.

We did see these two guys walking across the park though

And the girls got a friendly wave (and Eliza’s rodent fascination continues)

We were not going to miss the Indiana Jones stunt show (and thankfully there was no wait)

I could go on and on and on about this. To sum up though, don’t miss it.

Just don’t sit too close

Because, well, you know what happens. And that fire gets really, really hot.

It’s kind of neat when it’s over because the stunt men and women just hang out and rehearse for the next show and you can watch them.

And then we were all ready for a nap!

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