Jedi Training Camp – Day Five

Without a doubt, this was my most favorite Disney experience. It was just so awesome.

My (not so) secret reason for wanting a pre-park opening reservation at Hollywood & Vine was so that we could be the first in line to sign up for the camp.

We were number four.

Close enough, right?

Side note, any time the girls wore a costume, we had a change of clothes on under it. At least a tank top and some britches. It made for an easy change when they got hot or just wanted something different. And the extra layer kept them in the costumes longer because they didn’t get itchy or scratchy.

And I got ridiculously cute photos like Princess Sophia in a Padawan robe.

Presto change-o!

Seeing if they could follow directions.

And they couldn’t.

It was a bit like herding cats.

Cats wearing robes.


This makes me so excited for Stars Wars Land. I digress.

Oh my stars. I love her.

She was so brave. I know she was so nervous but she so wanted to do this.

Marion on the other hand, despite watching youtube videos of it previously and us talking her through the whole process had no interest at all in it.

Getting her light saber.

Y’all. Let me take a minute to say how awesome the Jedi master was. Master, trainer, stand up comedian. He was hysterical. He was quick on his feet (as you have to be in dealing with kids) but never got ruffled and perhaps most importantly, no one got injured! Even if you don’t have kids participating, it’s worth it to watch him in action just for the laughs.

Use the force. Of gravity.

There it goes!

So serious!

Darth Vader!

Time to battle

She laughs at danger!

Look at my Beans!

Love love love

The final blow

Getting her certificate of training completion

Fantastic job my little Jedi!

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