Back To School – The Eliza Version

Beans grew up over the summer, didn’t she? She’s off to pre-k this year, complete with back to school outfit from The Gap that she picked out herself and make her seem so much bigger than an almost five year old.

And just like that, she’s bored with school already.

We ran in to the same problem with Eliza that we had with Marion. Last year, she smarted out of the preschool class and so spent from January – May in the pre-k class. But she doesn’t meet the age requirements for kindergarten with her late September birthday, so she is back doing a full year of pre-k.

So far it seems like a huge mistake on our part. The kids in her class are super young (one girl just turned four this week) and Eliza is very aware that everyone she went to school with last year is in kindergarten now. She’s rushing through her work and flipping it over to color on the back of the page because she says it’s “so easy” for her to do. We keep playing up it’s her chance to be her teacher’s big helper and she can show the younger kids how the Zebras do things in the classroom, but Eliza is pretty savvy and realizes we’re placating her.

In the meantime, we’re working on some stuff at home to be more challenging academically and hoping this was the right choice for her this year.

Parenting, it never gets easier, does it?

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