Zoo Boo 2016

It’s not officially Halloween until we pay at least one visit to Zoo Boo!

Well, I guess if you want to get all technical it’s not Halloween until October 31st, but semantics.

YaYa was (mostly) into the spirit of things. He just tried to give them back the candy he got which was actually pretty adorable.

Benefit of going the first day?

There’s still white space on the coloring wall!

YaYa is obsessed with the elephants. Especially when it’s their bath time. As soon as we pull up to the zoo, he starts saying “See elephants? BUBBLES!”

The girls had their hearts broken with Smaug, the old Komodo dragon, died. But the new one seems to doing okay in their opinion.

And a huge thanks to all the docents who told us about the Hans and Chewy and a big thanks to the handler who bribed them with a treat to look at the camera 🙂

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