Summer Park Stop #1 – Levy Park

It’s been more than a hot minute since I’ve blogged but let’s not talk about that! We’ll just jump from November 2016 to the summer of 2017 like nothing happened.

Last summer, the kids and I came up with a summer bucket list that we kept in an actual bucket. It was fun and all that but didn’t work out super well for us. Enter this year and the list to end all list in my bullet journal


A sub list to this is that we’ve come up with ten parks in the Houston area that we want to visit this summer. Most are new parks but there’s a few old favorites in there too. The kids played an active role in helping me find parks and boy, they’ve got opinions on them too!

So first up, Levy Park.

(Graham and I had been here once before but the girls never had)

Marion’s review
There was plenty to do, but not too much.
(What she means is that she never got bored but no one threw a fit when it was time to leave)

Eliza’s review
I liked that there was water and lots of playing

Mama’s review
The park is super clean, so much to do, beautifully laid out. It’s definitely not as much fun when it’s crowded, so get there early. While there is a fence around the playground, the gate isn’t secured in any way and there’s one area that’s not gated.

An overhead water feature that can be strong for little ones
Lots of climbing but no swings
Bathrooms (including family rooms with changing tables) and water fountains
No picnic tables but lots of lawn (some shaded) for picnics
Both times we’ve been, parking was easy. I think though that if you go on a weekend or later in the day, it could definitely get hard to find a spot.

Four stars out of five



Rock wall!


Easy enough for Graham to do as long as he had a helping hand at the top


Another fun climbing structure.  That’s Eliza at the top, of course.


Picnic time!


The concrete slide is a lot of fun – just watch out if it gets wet.  It gets really fast!


More rock wall fun


The water feature (I don’t remember kids slipping and falling so no need to bring water shoes)


There’s also mini golf!  Or you know, survival of the fittest once they all get to swinging those putters around.


Life sized tinker toys!


So much climbing!

We absolutely love Levy park and this will be a regular in our rotation now!

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