Summer Park Stop #2 – Exploration Park

It’s been less than a month since my last post! Clearly the summer heat is getting to me.

And stop #2 on our park tour did nothing to help my temperature come down.

Exploration Park in Katy

Marion’s Review
My tenderhearted child can’t look past the fact that as soon as we got there, Graham busted his head, so she holds the park personally responsible for that. Otherwise, she said “Not enough to do, but a fun park for big kids.”

Eliza’s Review
It needs better stuff to get you wet. It was fun that it had things you don’t see everwhere

Mama’s Review
There’s a lot of thoughtful design elements in the park which I appreciate. I also love it’s not 100% safe (see Graham’s injury). There’s so much climbing to be done over rocks where they could have easily put stairs or ramps. Most of the features there I haven’t seen at another park so the uniqueness is pretty cool. I just don’t understand how you can build a park in Houston and not include a playable water feature. Or bathrooms.

There’s a small water thing but not enough to really cool anyone down.
There are no bathrooms.
There’s a lovely covered pavilion with lots of tables. Other than that, almost no shade. Be prepared for that.
There are no bathrooms.
You have to cross a small road from the parking lot to the park, just as a heads up if you have runaway kids.
There are no bathrooms.

Three stars out of five

(The girls and I agreed if it hadn’t had been such a long drive for us, it probably would have gotten 3.5 stars)


Graham’s injury (he did a header into the edge of the rocks)



The water feature


I think this is supposed to be the toddler area but right now, it’s just an artificial turf hill (watch out for carpet burns if they slide down)


Spiderweb/climbing feature


They only have two slides and one is a tunnel slide (a three story one though)


So if your little ones are scared of covered slides (like Graham) it’s not a great choice


Roller slides are always fun


This see-saw swing combo was something I’d never seen before!


They have the same sort of life sized tinker toys as they did at Levy Park, but they’re permanently attached to the poles. Not as much fun.


Log/rope sort of swing thing (and an idea of the lack of shade)


Nest swing

The run off from the weather cycle clouds creates these little rivers. I imagine if it had recently rained, you’d get pretty muddy


Super fast spinning stools (I’m sure that’s their official name)

I don’t ever see us making a trip out just to go to this park again but if I were ever needing to kill time in Katy with kids, I’d go again.

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