Summer Camp #1 – Cooking Camp

This year, we did summer camps for the first time. Marion and Eliza each got to pick their own camp and then at the end of summer, they’ll do rock climbing camp together. First up, Marion had a turn at a cooking camp through the REACH program at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. It was two hours a day, Monday through Thursday.

Marion’s Review:

I wanted to do a cooking camp because I enjoy cooking and I like the challenge.  I made zucchini bread and cheese crackers and monkey bread and peach cobbler.  (Mom insert – she made lots of other things too, each day they made at least three things and one drink.)  I really liked my teachers; they were very nice.  They gave us a lot of directions and I learned that when you crack eggs, crack them closer to the bowl, not far away.  I wish they had a recipe book that you could take home.  I’d like to take another cooking camp next year.




Marion had an absolutely wonderful week at this camp. She went without any friends or siblings and was just as confident as she could be. Which makes me hesitant to say anything about it because does it really matter what my opinion is when she had such an amazing time? I’ll add it anyway. This was much more of an assembly camp than a cooking camp. She didn’t actually cook anything, everything was done for them. It was so much sugar. So much sugar. (One “recipe” was sticking donut holes on skewers with fruit) But, like I said, she loved it so it was worth it. We’ll do another camp next year though.

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