Happy 7th Birthday Eliza!

Oh how I promise that if Thomas Jefferson had met you, he’d have never dreamed of leaving you out of the original.

You are such an original.

Lover of rats, rodents, other uncute and under loved animals.

Holder of many personalities, still including Baby Dragon and Curly Durly.

Student of math. You amaze me daily with how you see patterns and probabilities that I could never find.

Stoic of immense proportions. You believe vulnerability is a sign of weakness which makes your soft spots a treasure to us.

Believer in the redeeming power of laughter.

Chillaxer extrordinaire. You can veg out with the best of them. Blankets, pillows and Netflix on auto play are your love language.

We, again, are so blessed to have parented you this past year. You are still the child of my joy and I love you (and Ratty) so very very much.

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