Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap

One size fits all

Target – $39.99

A Woman’s Work – $49.99


  • Super, super, super comfortable to wear, both for me and for Marion
  • I can wear it all day without it causing back pain (only up to about 15lbs though)
  • Machine wash/dry
  • Affordable
  • Variety of carries
  • Once I put it on, I can leave it on and take her in and out without adjusting it each time (which is perfect for running lots of short errands)
  • One size fits everyone
  • Really easy to get her in and out of it
  • Lots of pretty ones available on etsy and other such sites
  • Easy to use while I work around the house since the weight is over the top of my shoulders and the material doesn’t bind my arms in any way
  • Holds up to 45lbs
  • Can be used from the moment they are born
  • I love this one so much that I now have two so I always have one clean one
  • Nothing in the world gets her to sleep faster and easier than being in the Moby


  • Not really fashionable, it pretty much covers up everything you’re wearing
  • Harder to learn to use – it can take a while to learn how to wrap it since the material is so long
  • If you carry the baby for a while, the material can stretch out (it’s a Jersey material, like a T-shirt)
  • Because it’s so much material, it gets really hot wearing it for a while
  • Even though it goes up to 45lbs, I can’t imagine carrying a baby more than 15lbs or so in it

Three weeks old, newborn hug hold

Almost 8 weeks old, hug hold

Almost 8 weeks old, hybrid hug hold/cradle hold. Which really means she fell asleep in the hug hold, so I just shifted her over a little bit

Almost 8 weeks old, modified lotus hold (her legs weren’t out, but were crossed inside the pocket.)

4.5 months old, hug hold. Teething on a beater 🙂

Five months old, lotus hold

Five months old, cradle hold

6.5 months old, hug hold (also, her first plane ride)

A year old, hug hold. When nothing else works, the Moby still gets her to nap!

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