Zolowear Ring Sling



Bliss Blue Paisley
A Woman’s Work – $90.00


  • Super fashionable
  • Variety of ways to carry her
  • Easy to get off and on and to get her in and out, so it’s great for running quick errands
  • Pocket on the tail end is a great place to stash keys and a pacifier
  • Machine wash/dry
  • Easy to cover her head (either with the tail or extra material from the body) so she can be really private
  • Ring slings in general are fairly inexpensive and you can get them from a variety of places (like etsy, ebay, WAHMs etc.)
  • Lots of fabric options
  • Josh and I can wear the same size sling (even though he won’t use it)
  • Easy to learn how to wear it
  • Even though there are a lot of carry options, you still put the sling on the same way for almost all of them
  • You can do a back carry with it (with a toddler according to instructions)
  • Tested to carry even over 35lbs
  • Can be used for newborn and up


  • Kind of hard to adjust – I feel that sometimes I can’t get it tight enough or that it’s not supportive enough for her
  • No matter how many times I’ve been shown how to gather the material through the rings, it still gets bunched up and hard to adjust when she’s been in it a while. This may be because of the type of fabric this sling is made of though, I’m not sure
  • I can’t wear it for too long without getting some back pain or shoulder pain since it’s the weight is distributed asymmetrically
  • Every time I put it on – I feel I put it on differently (in terms of where it fits on my body, how tight it is, how she fits in it.)
  • This particular sling was expensive
  • Every time she comes out of the sling and goes back in, it needs to be readjusted (and most of the time I take it off between carries)
  • If she’s facing front, sometimes I feel that the top rail is choking her (probably more my problem with how I have her seated in the sling than anything else)
  • Because the weight is distributed across one shoulder/top of one arm, I find that if I have the rings across my right shoulder, anytime I reach with that hand or extend my arm and shoulder (my dominant hand) I disturb the position of the sling and have to fool with it (so I don’t use it when I’m doing housework.)
  • After six months of use, the serging on the edges is beginning to fray and fuzz, especially where it threads through the rings (not a safety issue, just a cosmetic one.)

Three weeks old

Six weeks old

Six weeks old

Eight month sold, being worn by Gigi at the zoo!

Almost nine months old (and her first Cubs game!)

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