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Happy Halloween

May the Halloween Force be with you!

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Starting School – The Graham Version

In truth, this is the back to school I was most looking forward to 🙂 This little boy being in “school” now means every Wednesday, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Because you know, Keeping up with this guy Requires no energy on my … Continue reading

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Bringing Bowie Home

Ready for a freedom ride! I had no idea that shelters don’t routinely go on and neuter/spay animals before adoption. But they don’t. I guess they don’t want to waste resources on animals that may not live. So Bowie wasn’t … Continue reading

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Meeting Bowie

So the face is sweet, but would the rest of him live up to it? That would be a resounding yes! I took Eliza and Graham up to meet him first and let’s just say that the fact we stayed … Continue reading

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Meet Bowie

So this is our Bowie. Isn’t he beautiful? And yes, he looks a lot like Nanuq and that’s probably what caught my attention first about him. If you aren’t a dog lover and don’t believe in serendipitous moments, just go … Continue reading

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