Letter 0.2

Dear Eliza Jane,

So, we’re pretty sure you’re going to have curly hair. What an opener for your two month letter! But really, it’s something we discuss just about every night after your shower time. Mainly when I’m mean mama and I brush it backwards and make it stand up on end and curl over. Really, it’s what we talk about because you’re too young to have settled on a permanent eye color and I refuse to admit that you might not have red hair.

If you can’t tell, all this means that we’re totally smitten with you. Me, Daddy and Marion, smitten. Absolutely smitten. We love you, we love each other, we love watching each other love on you. You have really made us this amazing little family full of love and joy.

We’re able to love you so much, in small part, to the fact that you sleep through the night. Oh yes, it’s the most wonderful thing in the world and something we celebrate every single morning when we wake up and you are still sleeping. I mean, I’m so glad that you sleep through the night, but I’m super glad that MAMA gets to sleep through the night. It makes me such a better parent to both you and Marion to be rested. And I’m so happy to be a better mama this time around. None of the dark thoughts and threatening clouds I dealt with last time with Marion. I feel like I’m able to open myself up and 100% enjoy you right now. Your sister taught us to enjoy every good moment, because you never know when another one will come. And so I do. I enjoy it fully and completely and call your daddy probably a million times a day to tell him how amazing your smile is.

I’m pretty sure that there has never been a baby who has had their smiles so rejoiced over and celebrated. We’re in awe of your amazing ability to smile, laugh, coo, somewhat suck your fist, I mean, get this, you can kick your legs! KICK YOUR LEGS! What an absolute amazing feat that is!

Speaking of legs, did you know you have the most edible thighs in the world. I swear if they had growth charts that measured your thighs, yours would be in the 110th percentile. I think I counted seven rolls on them last diaper change. And yet, somehow, you still have scrawny little legs. It cracks me up! You have super long feet too, skinny, long feet. Feet that are so ticklish that I can’t really cut your toenails. Which wouldn’t be a problem if you would consent to wear socks. But no, there have been no socks made that will stay on your feet.

Two months old, amazing. You turned two months old in Atlanta, meaning we survived the drive over there! Eight weeks of age and you’ve now visited four different states! Pretty amazing feat I think, bodes well for your future as a world traveler I hope.

You fill me with so much optimism. So much love. So much hope and joy and puppies and rainbows. I can even forgive you the fact that you save your best laughs and smiles for your sister, and not me. I wish I could freeze time. I wish I could always perfectly remember the way you feel when I hold you while you sleep. The most perfect weight of your body as you snuggle up against me.

It’s the season of thanksgiving. It should go without saying that I’m so beyond thankful for you, for what you’ve added to our family. But I want to say it anyway. I’m thankful for you, Eliza Jane.


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