Letter 1.1

Dearest not-so-baby girl

You are thirteen months old and quickly becoming the coolest little kid I know. Minus the whining. The whining is ever present and a constant reminder of your switch from baby to toddler. And I would be really happy if the whining went away. Other than that, you’re such a cool kid.

I think I’m even more amazed at all your changes this month than I have been of late. For some reason, I guess I thought nothing much happened from age one to two that could compare to all the radical changes that happened your first year of life. I was (as I often am) wrong.

For starters, you don’t crawl anymore. Ever. In fact, it’s totally weird and feels all wrong if you ever do crawl. Walking is definitely your thing now. Steps and uneven pavement give you challenges still, but they certainly don’t stop you. You’re even trying to run. It’s so cool to watch you chose your steps and which way you want to go and then you just go that way. The sweetest thing in the world is when you reach up to grab our hands and just want to walk along with us.

Part of our daily ritual now is walking to meet Dada on his way home from work. Sometimes I sling you and we walk to the end of the street and he carries you home until we reach the driveway and then you walk the final steps together. Other times, we’ll just sit on the porch and wait for him to come home and you toddle down to meet him. Either way, Dada’s coming home time is probably our favorite time of day. The first time you grabbed his hand and walked up the sidewalk towards the porch with him, I thought to myself that all my dreams, ambitions, every wish I’ve ever wished was pictured right in front of me.

Your vocabulary is still exploding. Granted, most of it takes some serious mama and dada translating to be intelligible, but it’s a really good start. It’s so cool to hear you express yourself. Using words, not whining. Have I talked about the whining yet?

I can see toddlerhood fast approaching and I can’t say I’m super thrilled about it. This age is so much fun and it’s like I get all the fun stuff of a toddler without much of the trials and tribulations of full blown toddlerhood. Although we do have the whining. Did I mention the whining? We go and do all sorts of big kid stuff together like visit playgrounds and now you walk at the zoo more than ride in your stroller. But you’re still my little baby too.

One of the coolest things to happen this month is that you’d rather play and read your books than play with proper toys. In fact, you’ve started asking (ahem, whining) for a book to go to sleep with at naptime instead of beloved Mr Brown Dog. It makes me laugh because you’re totally unpredictable with what you want to do with the books though. Sometimes, you read to us. Sometimes, we read to you. And more than once, you’ve brought a pile of books and handed some to dada for him to read and then some are just for you to read and you just want to sit beside us and have mutual reading time. Sometimes, you’re just a very silly baby.

Parental confession. Sometimes I like to irritate you just a little bit and hold the books upside down when I read them. It aggravates you to no end!

One of your favorite books is still your monkeys jumping on the bed book. You’ve learned now to shake your little finger when we say “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.” I’ve caught you more than once shaking your finger at the dogs or your dollys when they’ve been naughty! Have I mentioned how stinking cute you are sometimes, well, most of the time?

I just love you so much, whining and all. This month has just been so much fun. It’s like the pressure of the first year has lifted and you aren’t in the terrible twos (yet) and we’re just kind of in a cruise control pattern. Free to enjoy all the good stuff without worrying about any of the bad. You are just such a joy. You’re so fun to be around and you just love people and it just brings a smile to my face very day that I get to be your mom. Even with the whining 🙂

I love you sweet Marion

One Response to Letter 1.1

  1. Stacy says:

    Can I tell you how awesome I think it is that Marion goes to sleep with books! I am not suprized, she did hit the genetic lottery of smart parents!

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