Letter 1.2

Dear Marion,

Today, you are fourteen months old! This month has been a lot of fun because for the first time, we got to go back somewhere we took you when you were a little baby. It was just a blast to revisit what we did with you a year ago and this time, instead of sleeping through it, you were wide awake and had such a good time! You made your second trip to San Antonio this month to cheer dada on while he ran the half marathon again and to visit the Alamo again. Almost everything was different this year and it just made us look forward to going back with you next year! There was one thing in common though, rough nights. This year, instead of your eight week growth spurt we were dealing with last time, we dealt with your case of hand, food and mouth disease. What fun! No, not at all. Luckily, you were pretty well over it by Saturday morning and able to enjoy being out and about with us.

This month, you’ve added a lot of new words to your vocabulary. “Book” is your favorite one (you’re such a mama’s girl!) You’ve also learned the ASL sign for “milk” which is very nice and helpful because you’re word for milk is “bah” which is also your word for a hundred other things. Just this week you’ve started saying “baby” and you are so fascinated with babies smaller than you are. I think you like being a big girl! You blow kisses now and you can’t say “I love you” yet, but you blow kisses when someone tells you that they love you. It’s about the sweetest thing in the world! We have a new little morning routine now where we walk out onto the porch with Dada and you wave bye bye and blow kisses until he’s out of sight.

Every picture I take of you I think to myself “wow, she looks like such a big girl now!” And you really are getting to be so big, it’s amazing to me. I love it though! You are just a blast right now. You’ve dropped the whining (most of the time) from last month and are pretty easy going this month. We’ve got the holidays right around the corner and I just can’t wait to see you all around your family and cousins and I know you’re going to have so much fun. And I know that I’m going to have even more fun watching you.

I love you girl of mine


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