Letter 1.3

Dear Squidget,

What another fun month we’ve had! We did some traveling, had a visitor, did some new things, made a new friend (or not), had some new food, and just had a good time being a family.

We flew out to Mississippi a few days before Thanksgiving, just you and I, for cousin Belle’s third birthday party. You had pizza and Capri Suns for the first time and it was your first big kid party. You had such a blast and even though you were the baby of the group, you kept up with the big kids pretty well. You adore your cousin Belle and it’s so sweet for her mama and I to watch our two girls play together. Then Dada came over for the holiday and we had such a good Thanksgiving. Minus the fact that Belle taught you to close the top of your straw cup, but not how to open it. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to open the thing since then….

Almost as soon as we got back from Mississippi, Grandma flew down from Alaska to spend some time with us. You and Gigi became very good friends! It was so wonderful to have her down here and to see you two get to spend a lot of time together. Of course, you were spoiled rotten, but that’s okay. In keeping with one of my holiday traditions, you had one of several Christmas mornings already. Gigi bought you a little table and chairs for your room and Mama and Dada got you a shopping cart. When you came around the corner in the morning, you just stopped and stared. Your expression was so sweet, it was like, “Is all this for me?” We sat at your little table together and had breakfast and it was just an absolutely precious moment.

One of your Christmas presents, I guess you could say, is that we’re making what used to be the office space in your nursery now a full fledged playroom for you. We spend the afternoons in there together now and I sit in the chair and knit and you just keep yourself busy playing with your toys and blocks and dolls and books. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching you play by yourself. It just seems like for so long, you were so totally helpless, dependent on us for every single thing. And now, now you can chose to play with the blocks, or the stacking rings, or read a book, or whatever you want to do! It’s just fascinating to me to watch your little mind make it’s own choices and decisions. Especially when you figure things out, it’s so cool to see things come together for you.

You’re just an absolute sponge this month. You love to learn new “tricks” and show off for people. When we ask you what Santa says, you say “ho, ho.” Why he only says “ho, ho” and not “ho, ho, ho” we have no idea. You can point to your mouth, nose, ears, eyes, belly, feet and fingers (although asking you to point to my eyes is pretty risky. I get poked quite a lot when I do that.) You know your name is “MarMar” and that my name is “Mama” and Daddy’s name is “Dada.” Sometimes the dogs are “gooooooo dogs” and sometimes they’re “baaaaa dogs.” You even have blamed things on the dogs once or twice! When we ask you how old you are, you say “ONE!” and hold up one finger so proudly. You know lots of animal sounds now too and you love the giraffes and lions in your books the best of all. You can follow more complex directions now too. Not that I’ve asked you to do things for me or anything like that… 🙂

You also met Santa … hahahahahahhaha! You met him twice, actually. The funniest was when we were having a holiday party for your friends here and Eden’s dada knocked on the door dressed up in a Santa suit. As soon as you saw him, you let out a scream and ran the other way. You spent the rest of the party hiding behind Dada and screaming every time “Santa” looked at you. Which why we thought it was a good idea to take you to the mall to see Santa, I’ll never know. That went over like a load of bricks! I do have to say though, the picture is quite priceless! And GiGi says you come by it honestly, apparently I was pretty freaked out by Santa when I was little too. It was really sweet though, at the end, while we were waiting for the pictures, you were still crying, but at least had progressed to blowing kisses to him through the tears.

You are so ridiculously affectionate, it’s wonderful. I love it when you stop your playing to come over and give me a hug or a kiss. Oh, you’ve learned to hug! That’s another new thing. If you see Dada and me hugging, you have to be in the middle of us getting your fair share! Like I said before, for so long you couldn’t do anything for yourself and now, you can just come over and kiss me! It’s so wonderful.

This time of year is so very special, it’s the time of year when the focus is placed on family and being together. And we’re so blessed to have you in our lives, to have you make us a family. Even though you weren’t born at Christmas, you’re still the best Christmas present I could ever have.

I love you so much baby girl!

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