Letter 1.4 & 1.5

Sweet Marion,

I guess it was bound to happen at some point! Mama forgot (or go too busy) to write your sixteen month letter. Ooops! But I guess that’s what happens when you find out you’re going to be a big sister! While it has nothing to do with your development, that’s probably the biggest change in our family in the past two months. We found out you’re going to be a big sister! You really have no clue how much your life is about to change, what exactly the present is you’re getting for your second birthday, but I think it’s going to be one of the best things that will ever happen to you.

Here’s the sweetest little big sister story we have for you already. We’re calling the new baby “Ginger” in the same way we called you “Poppy” and so we’ve taught you to say Ginger. It often comes out Gin-er, but it’s so sweet. We showed you the ultrasound pictures from our first visit and told you it was baby Ginger and you grabbed the pictures out of my hand and said “Bay-bee Gin-er!” and gave them a hug. Talk about heart melting! We took you to our second appointment and when sweet Ginger popped up on the screen, you pointed to it and said “GIN-ER!” I’m so happy to be the momma of both of you.

In the last two months, you’ve had a lot of little changes that haven’t been super noticeable all at once, but when I look back, they’ve all contributed to you moving even more from a baby to a toddler. One of the bigger ones is that you love to walk and have really been able to walk longer distances, just like a kid. We actually went to the zoo one day and didn’t even take the stroller! I just carried you twice and that was it! You were such a big girl there. We sat on a bench in front of the bears and had our snacks and a little rest, but other than that, you were just full speed ahead!

Your vocabulary continues to expand every single day. You’ve moved up into multiple syllable words and it’s so much fun to hear you say these big words. Your three favorite words at the moment are “ou-side,” “sun-shin,” and a word that sounds an awful lot like outside, but really, it’s elephant. It’s also so cool to see you hear words on the TV or in songs and to make the conenctions to the pictures in your book or the words that you know or even your stuffed animals. It’s like we can see these pathways all being formed in your brain as you learn to related all these things to each other.

You like to count too which is hysterical. You have have no idea what the numbers are or what they really mean, but you make the right sounding sounds and the best part is that your intonation goes up with every number you “count.” We’re working on the ABC’s too and for some reason, the letter “H” makes you clap! Every time we get to that one, we get a round of applause. So very funny.

We’re starting to slowly work on learning about the potty and we bought you your first big girl panties. Elmo of course. It’s going so wonderful. You spend most of your awake time at home in panties, with diapers reserved for outings and sleeping. I really hope you’re out of diapers by the time Ginger gets here. You already seem to be delighted in the whole “big girl” aspect of panties and ask for them when we try to put you in diapers.

While we’re making forward progress in the potty department, we’re regressing a bit in the sleep department. It’s not your fault, but rather, the fault of teeth and sickness and just general toddler growing up-ness. You don’t like being up in the middle of the night any more than we like it, so we try to get us all back to sleep as soon as possible. We know it’s just a phase, if we’ve learned anything from being your parents for seventeen months, it’s that EVERYTHING is just a phase!

I have to say, like I’ve said every month, how much fun you are, what a great little friend and buddy you are. I love you so stinking much. Even when you grab your daddy’s hand while he’s walking out the door to work and tell me “BYE BYE!” like you’d be happy not seeing me all day! I can’t wait to see the changes that happen over the next few months and I absolutely cannot wait to see you be a big sister!


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