Letter 1.9 & 1.10

Dear Marion,

Another two months have come and gone and now you just have two more months left until you’re TWO YEARS OLD. Doesn’t even seem possible. Really and truly doesn’t seem possible.

While we’ve had a lot of fun these past two months, you’re definitely starting to show off the “terrible twos” which aren’t quite as much fun. But that’s okay, once again, if we’ve learned anything from you it’s that this too will pass. And be replaced by something equally as challenging! 🙂

Hands down the biggest change this time around has been the fact that you’ve started Mother’s Day Out twice a week. I’m quite pleased to say we both love it! It’s caused some separation anxiety – you’ve become an absolute mama’s girl, such a departure! But I know you have tons of fun once I leave (I know because I peek at you and see you laughing and playing) and you’re always so joyful when I pick you up.

You have learned SO MUCH in the six weeks you’ve been going to school. You went from counting to five to fifteen in like two days. I think my favorite thing is all the new songs you’re learning. I’ll eavesdrop on you while you’re playing and hear you singing a song. I might not get all the words, but I usually recognize the tune. My favorite thing so far is overhearing you singing “Yes Jesus, rows rows rows the boat.” It makes me laugh every time I think about it! You’re working on colors and the alphabet as well. I love asking you every day what you’ve done and it just makes me wish I had a little camera to watch you at school all day long.

You’ve also started using lots of little sentences. Your vocabulary has slowed down a little bit, but you’re learning how to use your words and that’s pretty awesome. It’s so cool to get a glimpse into your mind and have you be able to express yourself so much more. That backfires quite a bit though, most often when you say things like “MOVE Mama!” It’s hard to keep a straight face sometimes when you’re so demanding. Other times (okay, most of the time) it’s not so cute. You’re learning words can manipulate people as well. Particularly the use of “please” and “thank you.” And when we tell you no “No more blueberries Marion” you’ll look up at us with your big eyes and say “Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” You’re learning to negotiate, much to our dismay. “No more blueberries Marion.” “One, mama, one?” “No Marion, not even one.” “Two mama, two? Pease?” Child, if we don’t give you one, we certainly aren’t going to give you two!

Three new favorite things have also popped up these past two months. You love music. LOVE it! And you have favorite songs that you’ll ask to hear over and over and over again. You know the difference between “mama music” and “Mar Mar music.” Luckily, you tolerate my music pretty well. We like to listen to Dwight Yoakam and John Prine in the afternoons and you can certainly jam along to Jack Johnson and Ryan Adams. I’m glad you’ve inherited my taste in music instead of your dad’s! You also love to draw and color and I’m doing my best to remember to pack crayons and paper for all our outings. You love your MagnaDoodle and the coolest thing ever is that you draw specific things. Today, you were drawing and I asked you what it was. You said “Mama, Dada” and proceeded to point out different things in the picture too. I asked you to draw a picture of baby sister and you did that as well. You do little craft projects at school and I have fun sending them out with your drawings to your grandparents. Your other new love this month is your Legos. You love to play with them but you can only play with them in a very specific way. You only built perfectly straight towers. If Dada or I try to build something else, say a pyramid or a square, you tell us “NO!” and take apart what we’ve done to build one single tower. I’m really afraid you might end up being an engineer of some sort. You like to take them apart too and lay them in a perfectly straight line. Sometimes I think you are way too meticulous than an almost two year old should be.

These past two months have been such a fun and challenging time to be your parents. I can’t believe how much our lives are going to change in two more short months. I’m sure there will be many more new challenges but I also know it’s going to be so amazingly rewarding. I love and adore you and I’m so happy every time you look at me and say “Mama.” I say, “What Marion?” And you’ll just come over to me, hug me and say “Hi Mama!” And I just say “Hi Marion” back and our world is perfect.


One Response to Letter 1.9 & 1.10

  1. Jen Fischer says:

    How sweet! I cry every time I read the letters you write to Marion. She is one special girl and I hope she grows up to treasure these special times!

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