Letter 2.1

Dear Marion,

Or should I say, big sister? 🙂

What an amazing month this has been in your life. You’ve become a big sister and you’re firmly in your “twos” now as well. It’s been such a great joy and pleasure to watch you develop this new facet of your life and to see how awesome you are at being a big sister.

I know if you were older and understood more about what having a new baby would mean for our family, you might be scared that we wouldn’t love you as much once the new baby got here. I just have to tell you that I was scared about that too. But how wrong I was! I’ve never loved you more than when I saw you meet Eliza for the first time. I fall in love with both of you all over again when I see you try to hold her, or see you get so excited when you have on matching PJs, or how you squeal with glee when she looks at you.

I think you love being a big sister. We haven’t had any jealousy issues (so far) and you’re such a great helper. You really love seeing Eliza Jane every morning when she wakes up and you’re so proud to show her off when we take you to school in the morning. In fact, you get downright upset when any of your friends get too close to your baby. You’re pretty possessive of her. 🙂

This month has just flown by because I’m pretty sure your birthday was just yesterday. I have a feeling the next time I wake up, you’re going to be three. It’s hard with a new baby to slow down, but I’m trying to do that. I love seeing the changes in your sister, but it makes me appreciate you and all your big girl ways all the more. I love our one on one time and I try to spend as much time with you as I can. It’s funny how big you can seem to me sometimes but when I turn around, you still seem so small and little. I think I’ll probably always see you this way.

I love you so much. More now than I could ever imagine. Once again you’ve taught me something new. You’ve taught me that my heart doesn’t have a limited amount of love to give. You’ve taught me that just when I think I can’t love you more, I do. You’re so amazing little girl of mine, my first little girl.


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