Letter 2.2

Dearest Marion,

I have to be honest and say that this has not been our best month. In fact, it’s been a month that has been full of ugly. Ugly toddler moments and ugly mama moments. The good news is that we’ve made it through it and I at least, have learned how to make things a little bit better.

See, I always thought you were your Daddy’s girl. You most certainly are, but, you also need your mama. And I need my big girl. We took some out to spend just the two of us and it’s made things a lot better. When Eliza joined us, it was easy for your dad to keep up the regular routine that just the two of you had. It wasn’t so easy for me, since I had the boobie monster to feed. You know what though, it’s okay for Daddy to have with Eliza and for me to have special time with you.

You’ve been such a trooper through this whole process of having a little sister. You’re such a great little kid, there’s hardly any baby left in you these days. I love knowing that even when I have a bad mom day, you’re always quick to forgive me and let me know you still love me. (Bribing you with animal crackers never hurts either.) Those little hugs from you when we’re both in tears mean the world to me.

We also found out something pretty cool this month, you can sit and watch the entire movie of “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory!” I have to admit to using this more than once to get just 90 minutes of peace when we’re having a tough day. You love to request “Charlie!” and love to remind us at night that you “go sleep, wake up, watch Charlie!” You’ve also taken to asking daddy to sing the “Oompa” song at night as your lullabye. Now that’s a funny scene!

I love you so much and I hate that we have bad moments like we’ve had so many of them this month. But, I can say having icky moments makes me appreciate all the good and great moments that we have. Thankfully, the good moments really do outweigh the bad ones. And I know these are necessary speedbumps on your road to maturity and on my path to being a better mommy to you.

I love you,


PS – It’s mama. Not “MOM” as you’ve taken to calling me lately!

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