Month Eleven

Sweet baby girl,

Really, can I be writing this for your eleven month birthday? I don’t want to because it means next month, you’ll be A YEAR OLD. WAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. That’s me crying because I don’t want you to get any older. I want you to stay this way forever because you’re just so awesome right now.

So, so, so much has happened this month I don’t even know where to start. I guess everything this month really starts with the big vacation we took to Arkansas and Mississippi.

Well before that, we had your follow up appointment to make sure your ear was healing up okay. And I happened to mention to Dr A that we were going on vacation and that I was looking forward to the day where I wouldn’t have to travel with formula.

And he said we could switch you to milk. SWITCH YOU TO MILK EARLY. I was so happy I almost cried. So we switched you to milk over two weeks. And to sippy cups. In fact, we threw away almost all of your bottles. And you never even noticed. Well, I’m sure you noticed but it didn’t matter to you. If anything, you like your milk more than you liked formula. You also like the portability of the sippy cups; you think handles are pretty cool.

So that was a really big thing. You’ve also begun to eat mostly table foods. Well, it’s probably half and half. Of course, everything is tiny bite sized but it’s pretty cool to be able to just give you stuff off our plates and you go to town on it. Again, the changes in you are just amazing to me. Even little changes like being able to give you pieces of our chicken are just so cool.

Oh, and your ears were just fine 🙂

But then, you got another cold, right before we were supposed to take our flight. So back off to the doctor we went. Your ears were fine but we left with a prescription just in case. Thankfully, we never had to fill it and you were as healthy as could be for our trip.

Another flight, another wonderful baby 🙂 However, we had a three hour car ride and you were not so wonderful. In fact, you hated the car all the time you were in it. Which was a lot. A lot of driving and a lot of screaming. Oh well, not everything can be perfect!

We had a wonderful vacation except we missed dada so much. It was the longest you’ve ever been away from him and you really missed him. Mama missed him too; you’re a lot of work to take care of alone! Well, we weren’t really alone because of all the family.

Family is so very wonderful. You were just generally adored by all of course and you had so much fun. You love all your cousins and “aunties” and just everyone. I especially love that you got to spend so much time with your Papaw and Marme. I hate being so far away from them and weekends together just aren’t long enough. So it was so nice to be able to spend two weeks together!

And another new thing – Mama left you for a whole day! I went to go ride roller coasters and you spent a whole twelve hours with Marme! We all three survived just fine and I think Marme enjoyed her special time with you. I was sad to leave you, but I didn’t call you once while I was gone! (I might have been having a lot of fun myself…) It was worth it to leave you because when I got home YOU WALKED. YOU TOOK THREE STEPS. MY BABY WALKED!!!!!!! And the family got to see your first steps too which made them even more special.

Do I even need to mention that you now properly crawl? That is, when you aren’t busy trying to walk or cruising. Oh, and you stand by yourself all the time now. Unreal. It just makes you so grown up to see you standing there.

Did I mention you cut two new teeth while we were gone too? That might explain some of the fussiness in the car.

Because you know, it wasn’t enough THAT YOU WALKED you also had to get some new teeth. Unreal.

I think those are the highlights of the month. Milk, teeth, steps, vacation. That sounds about right.

You were so happy to see your daddy, it was amazing. I love seeing you both together, I think it’s one of the most amazing parts about being a mother.

As exciting as the first half of the month was the second half was nice much quieter, which was good. We spent a lot of it catching up on sleep 🙂 I’m sure you’ll more than make up for it as YOU’LL BE A YEAR OLD NEXT TIME.

I’m off to cry some more. My baby can’t possibly be growing up this much.

Love, Mama

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