Month Four

Sweet little girl,

I know I’m a little late in writing this, but you keep me busy! This month has been amazing and outstanding in your growth! You’ve just really blossomed this month and I know I say it every month, but you are just so much fun now!

You survived your first holiday season, and perhaps more importantly, your daddy and I survived it as well! We spent a lot of time in the car, and you were such a trooper. We were just amazed at well you adjusted to everything, a different schedule, all these new people and experiences. We were just so (pleasantly) surprised at how you did. I think you handled it better than I did! My momma instincts kicked into high gear and I had to really make myself step back and let other people have chances to hold and interact with you.

But we made it through all intact and even enjoyed the experience! Plus, we now have these fantastic memories of your first Christmas – which of course, you have no concept of, but we’ll always treasure them.

It seems like just yesterday, you could barely turn your head. What fun it was over the holidays to be in a room of people and have you actually turning your head to look for us. And the smile that lit your face when you saw us – that was the best present of all!

There have been a few physical changes this month, but there have been more emotional and mental changes I think. Those are just as cool as the physical things. Yes, it’s fun to have you roll from your belly to your back, but it’s so much better to have you break into the biggest grin when Daddy comes home from work. You’re also working on sitting up now too and you want to hold your own bottle and get frustrated when you can’t make it work just right. You seem to have learned the word “milk” (or at least, you’re working on that association.) I think the best change of all is that we’ve developed a fantastic and (knock on wood) fail-proof night time routine with you. We’ve been doing it for a bit over a month now (since Thanksgiving actually) and what’s great is that it’s still working. You even now seem a lot better about telling us when you need to get things started. I think once you get a little older and more mobile, you’ll probably start crawling towards the shower when you start to get tired! Now if I could only say the same thing about naps …


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