Month Six

I wish I could freeze time this month Marion. You’re at the perfect age right now and I’m reaching the point where I just don’t want you to get any bigger! You have just the right amounts of independence and snuggliness, you find everything we do to be hysterical, you like real food but still need mostly your bottles and you’ve stopped peeing every thirty minutes. You’re the perfect age now. We just won’t talk about sleep issues…

You’ve completely and totally mastered sitting up this month. I don’t dare leave you unattended though without laying you down. That has as much to do with our hardwood floors as it does your insatiable curiosity! You fell over once when I turned my back for just a split second and I don’t ever want to hear that *thunk* sound again. We both cried for a good long while after that was over! And, you are just never content to sit still. You’ve learned to throw your toys (hysterical to you, not so much to us as the designated “fetchers”) and if we won’t retrieve them fast enough for you, you reach over to grab them, nearly always resulting in a face plant if someone doesn’t catch you. When you’re on the bed or a soft surface, we let you fall and we can see the beginning stages of crawling in your motions. Please don’t learn to crawl! Momma is beyond thrilled that you can just sit there and entertain yourself – I don’t even want to think about all that crawling brings with it!

And even though you are totally capable of sitting there and entertaining yourself, you certainly aren’t content with that! You’d much rather play with us or the puppies. It’s not that you have to be the center of attention, it’s just that you don’t like being ignored (I think that’s a nice way of putting it!) Last night it was really funny to see Daddy try to feed you your bottle and be on his laptop at the same time. As soon as you noticed his attention drifting from you, you’d smack the bottle or bang on your high chair try to grab his attention. I was more amused than he was 🙂 We bought you an exercsaucer this month, but much like the swing and other “babysitters” you aren’t happy in it unless we’re nearby. I find this little quirk in your personality to be so endearing (if not a little frustrating at times.)

The biggest change this month has been the introduction of solids and you love your food! You’d rather eat real food than drink from a bottle these days. Your main foods right now are avocado and sweet potatoes. Sometimes we throw in a piece of banana or apple for fun, but you usually pick those up a few times then feed them to the dogs. The pups are so funny, as soon as we sit you in the high chair, they come one to either side of you to wait. Sometimes they get lucky and get some chunks rained down on their head, but most often, they just clean your hands for you. You’ve been known to throw a spoon at Gracie every so often though! I’m not sad at all about you being on solids, which is kind of odd. I thought it would upset me more the thought of you moving on to real people food, but in fact, I’m excited about it. I think it has a lot to do with my (still there) hangups about having you on formula. At least with solid food, I know exactly what you are getting. Real food is such an adventure and it’s so fun to share it with you. I know your Daddy is really looking forward to it when you move beyond the basics and can eat actual dinners with us. As it is, one of your favorite pastimes is watching him cook!

You also have had an absolute language explosion. One day, you woke up, and didn’t stop talking. And still haven’t! You still babble quite a bit, but you also say “ba, da, wa, la and na” clearly. I think the cutest thing is that you ask us questions as well. It’s so funny to hear you talking to your animals and you end your sentences with an upswing in your voice. I think the sweetest thing is that when we were putting you to bed on Daddy’s birthday, you said “dada” for the first time. Of course, you say it to the dogs, the windows, the cashier at Target, so it will be a while yet before you realize that “dada” is Daddy, but that’s okay. It’s still so sweet to hear you say it. True to being a stinker though, I asked you one night to say “mama” and you looked right at me and said “dada.”

Also true to form, you’ve kept us on our toes this month with this weird night waking thing you have going on. We thought we knew what we were doing, we thought we had things under control and a nice routine worked out. But not so much apparently. You’ve taken to waking up anywhere from three to seven times a night. And some nights, all you do is eat. But then other nights, nothing works, not snuggles, not food, not the paci or a clean diaper and we’re left feeling just as helpless as we did when you were a newborn. I guess the saving grace this time is we just know that everything passes and this can’t last forever (or so we hope.)

Night wakings and all though, for the first time, I really want time to just stop. I can’t believe it’s been six months already. You’re so big and at the same time, you’re still just so little. Every day is something new and fun and exhausting. I can’t remember what it was like to use the bathroom without wondering what to do with you, or just sit and read and not think about what time you might wake up from your nap. I don’t remember the last time I went to Target and didn’t buy anything baby related. Our lives before you seem so distant and fuzzy and not real. This life we have now is more than we ever imagined it could be in so many ways. And as much as I want time to just stop, to just freeze things they way they are now and have six months last another six months, I also can’t wait to see what happens to you as you keep growing and changing. You’re just the most amazing little girl baby and I’m so thankful I’m been able to be your momma these past six months. I love you so much little one.


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