Month Three

Sweet little girl,

You are an all grown up three months old now! You are just such a little person now, I can barely remember you as a newborn anymore. This month has been so much fun and it’s been my favorite so far. Your physical changes have been many – you can roll over from your tummy to your back, you can almost sit up by yourself (you can sit up alone if we prop you up with some pillows), you love to stand up, you sleep through the night (mostly), and you’ve learned to squeal with happiness. You’re also growing up emotionally, you are much more in control of your emotions now than you were a few weeks ago. You still get upset, but you can be calmed down much quicker now. That certainly makes it nicer for me!

I think as much as you have changed this month, your Daddy and I have changed more as parents. We seem to have hit a bit of a parenting groove where we (most days) get the hang of this whole parenting thing. I still question almost every decision I make for you, but I feel more confident in my choice. Plus, it’s fun to be in a groove with you, you do much better with a little stability in your life. And we do much, much better with a little bit of routine in our lives.

Ah, that word routine! Momma has had to learn a very important lesson this month. There is a very big difference between being on a schedule and having a routine. We simply never, ever will be able to schedule you. I think the only schedule we’ll ever have for you is one that lasts for about forty eight hours before you change it again. However, you do like your routine. You like knowing that when X event happens, Y event will follow.

We’ve started a bedtime routine with you now. You and I get a shower or a bath together, then I hand you over to Daddy and he gets you all warm and snuggly in your PJs, feeds you a nice, warm bottle and then off to la-la land you go. Since we’ve started doing that, your night times are so, so much better. You are almost sleeping through the night now! Sleeping better throughout the night means waking up in the morning is much easier as well. Most mornings, you are awake before we are and we look over to find you playing with your hands or talking to the fan. Every once in a while you wake us up with a squeal!

Month three finds us smack in the middle of the holiday season and I’m finding out (once again) how much being your mom has changed me. Inadvertently, I had the chance to help a homeless family this past week. They are homeless, and with a two month old. Homeless, with a two month old. I can’t even think of their situation without crying. You’ll never remember this, but it snowed a few days ago. And this family was homeless with a baby smaller than you. Before I had you, I would have been touched by their story, probably a little emotional as well, but now, now my heart absolutely breaks. I can only imagine how this mother must feel. I know she has to love her baby so very much and the worry that must consume her every thought. I am sure they were in a shelter, I pray they were in a shelter, but to have this tiny baby in your arms and to look at the snow coming down and not know where you were going to spend the next night, to worry that you had enough blankets to keep warm. The agony that poor mother must feel. We took you out into the snow, bundled up in blankets and a hat I knit for you and then came inside and wiped the flakes off your face and tucked you into your warm, snug bed. We must be the luckiest family in the world to be able to live like this.

I know I’m the luckiest momma in the world to have you.

I love you,

One Response to Month Three

  1. Jen says:


    The letters that you write to Marion are so sweet. Most of the time I start to cry reading them, just because the joy you feel is so real! I am so happy for you and your family. Happy New Year! We miss you over at MDC and hope you stop by and visit!

    Take care!!

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