Pregnancy Journal – Week Sixteen

16 weeks

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote, and I’m not really sure why. Let’s see if I can remember everything that’s gone on since then.

Josh had his first birthday as a daddy, and Poppy got him presents 🙂

We had a regular OB appointment at 13w2d and heard the heart beat on the doppler. It was kind of scary at first, because Poppy kept moving away from the machine, but eventually the nurse got her pinned down and we have a heart rate of about 150. Also, we got the results back from our NT scan, and they were fabulous. Before the test, based on age and family history, our risk for Downs was 1 in 648. After the test, it’s 1 in over 10,000. Our risk for Trisomies 13 & 18 before testing was 1 in 1211, after its 1 in 6473. So that was great news!

Last week was a little too exciting for us. On Tuesday, the endocrinologist office called me and said I could stop taking my thyroid medication. I was a little confused, but I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday that they said I could keep, so I wasn’t too worried. I figured they could explain it to me then. Tuesday afternoon, I ended up having these really bad episodes where my heart just felt like it was racing out of my chest. I thought, well, it’s because I had two Icees today at Target. Wednesday morning, I woke up and I was still having them. So I went to the endo’s office and when they took my pulse, it was 107. I thought that was really high, but the nurse said it wasn’t bad. The reason for stopping the medication was that my levels seem to have reached a normal range, so I’m off the meds now for three weeks to see if they can stabilize on their own. What’s pretty funny is that normally, I will research the heck out of anything, because I have to understand it – I’m not good at just taking someones word for it. However, I have stayed far, far away from google and researching thyroid problems during pregnancy. I’m totally just listening to what the doctor says and taking his word for it. I think my brain knows I can’t handle any more stress and so it’s not even allowing me to think about going to webmd for this!

So the heart episodes continue through Wednesday, and they can be pretty bad. Nothing stops them, not yogic breathing or laying down or anything. I know it’s really common to have things like this when you are pregnant due to all the increased blood flow, but still, it’s freaking me out. Thursday morning, I have an episode that lasts about an hour, so I give up and just call the nurse. She listens to everything, that they’ve taken me off the thyroid medication, that my mom has mvp, etc. and gets me an appointment for that afternoon. I felt silly taking it – because one part of me knows this is totally normal, but the other part of me is just freaking the freak out.

Turns out, everything is okay. My BP was sky high, but after we heard Poppy’s heartbeat, they took it again, and it was much more normal. What it probably was/is is having the normal pregnancy weird heart things, but seeing how I’m wound so tightly and not knowing it’s okay, it sent me over the edge and kind of into panic attack land. Now that I know it’s totally normal and that there’s nothing wrong with my heart, when I have them, they don’t freak me out. And they’re no where near as severe or as long lasting as before.

I’ve also started going to yoga classes once a week – not a specific prenatal class – but the teacher knows I’m pregnant and can help me adjust accordingly. I think this will help a lot – or at least I’ve heard it does.

Oh, I’ve also had my first bout of being pregnant and sick. I caught a wonderful cold from my husband. I’m finally starting to get over it – but boy, was it miserable while it lasted!

16 weeks, 1 day

16 weeks, 2 days

I went to my yoga class today, and I had thought that there was another pregnant girl in the class last time I saw her. Turns out, she is in fact pregnant (one of those questions you never want to ask unless it’s unavoidably noticeable!) This is her third child, and we’re actually due on the same day! Which is so awesome – of course, I’m sure she’ll go earlier with this being her third and all, but still, I think it’s so neat.

16 weeks, 3 days

Poppy, oh my sweet baby, today, I felt you move for the first time! I think I’ve felt you before, but this was an unmistakable oh yeah, that’s the baby moving feeling. It felt like you took your finger (or more probable, your leg) and just ran in it right up inside my belly. It was so, so weird, but so, so cool. You are really and truly in there. I love you so much you little stinker 🙂 Of course, your daddy now wants you to get bigger so he can feel it too, okay?

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