Zoo Boo With My Littlest Boo

Since Halloween was on a Monday this year, Zoo Boo was open an extra day. And I took the opportunity to spend some special time with just the little dude.

And he got to spend some time with the armadillo.

He’s so ridiculously cute.

I love how his head fits between the rails (and is just a little too big to get stuck. Trust me, he’s tried.)

Just chillin.

We took a carousel ride where I was unsuccessful in stealing a kiss.

Then we grabbed some snacks and got a super special train ride.

Oh you guys. This picture just does me in. Look at my sweet boy!

He is getting so big – it just kills me.

And of course, the only thing that could make a train ride better was a PB&J!

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Zoo Boo 2016

It’s not officially Halloween until we pay at least one visit to Zoo Boo!

Well, I guess if you want to get all technical it’s not Halloween until October 31st, but semantics.

YaYa was (mostly) into the spirit of things. He just tried to give them back the candy he got which was actually pretty adorable.

Benefit of going the first day?

There’s still white space on the coloring wall!

YaYa is obsessed with the elephants. Especially when it’s their bath time. As soon as we pull up to the zoo, he starts saying “See elephants? BUBBLES!”

The girls had their hearts broken with Smaug, the old Komodo dragon, died. But the new one seems to doing okay in their opinion.

And a huge thanks to all the docents who told us about the Hans and Chewy and a big thanks to the handler who bribed them with a treat to look at the camera 🙂

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Happy Halloween

May the Halloween Force be with you!

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Pumpkin Patch 2016


Another year, another visit to the pumpkin patch!


Our rule still holds true though


If you can’t pick it up


You can’t bring it home!


Which means some of us just came home with a squash!








In case you were wondering, we always go to the St. Luke’s Pure Sound Pumpkin Patch

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End / Beginning

So we ended the first quarter of school last week, which seems like the perfect time to revisit the first day of school, right?


You guys, this wee one started KINDERGARTEN! I don’t know how she’s big enough for this (or how that hair fits into her classroom but I digress.)


Marion is now a big, worldly, experienced and totally in control second grader. I do love though that she’s rocking on her feet in this picture. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was nervous.

After two years apart, they’re back at the same school and all is right with the world.

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Seeing that I just renewed the blog, I should probably renew my efforts to actually use it. 

So here goes …


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Starting School – The Graham Version

In truth, this is the back to school I was most looking forward to 🙂

This little boy being in “school” now means every Wednesday, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Because you know,

Keeping up with this guy

Requires no energy on my part at all.


Marion came along to help with the adjustment.

And clearly, he’s smitten with Ms. Lisa.

(The bubbles helped a bit too)

He had such a fun day – ate all his lunch and even took a nap!

But by far, the best part of his day was being reunited with Bowie

They missed each other just a little bit I think 🙂

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