Happy Halloween

May the Halloween Force be with you!

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Pumpkin Patch 2016


Another year, another visit to the pumpkin patch!


Our rule still holds true though


If you can’t pick it up


You can’t bring it home!


Which means some of us just came home with a squash!








In case you were wondering, we always go to the St. Luke’s Pure Sound Pumpkin Patch

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End / Beginning

So we ended the first quarter of school last week, which seems like the perfect time to revisit the first day of school, right?


You guys, this wee one started KINDERGARTEN! I don’t know how she’s big enough for this (or how that hair fits into her classroom but I digress.)


Marion is now a big, worldly, experienced and totally in control second grader. I do love though that she’s rocking on her feet in this picture. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was nervous.

After two years apart, they’re back at the same school and all is right with the world.

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Seeing that I just renewed the blog, I should probably renew my efforts to actually use it. 

So here goes …


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Starting School – The Graham Version

In truth, this is the back to school I was most looking forward to 🙂

This little boy being in “school” now means every Wednesday, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Because you know,

Keeping up with this guy

Requires no energy on my part at all.


Marion came along to help with the adjustment.

And clearly, he’s smitten with Ms. Lisa.

(The bubbles helped a bit too)

He had such a fun day – ate all his lunch and even took a nap!

But by far, the best part of his day was being reunited with Bowie

They missed each other just a little bit I think 🙂

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Back To School – The Eliza Version

Beans grew up over the summer, didn’t she? She’s off to pre-k this year, complete with back to school outfit from The Gap that she picked out herself and make her seem so much bigger than an almost five year old.

And just like that, she’s bored with school already.

We ran in to the same problem with Eliza that we had with Marion. Last year, she smarted out of the preschool class and so spent from January – May in the pre-k class. But she doesn’t meet the age requirements for kindergarten with her late September birthday, so she is back doing a full year of pre-k.

So far it seems like a huge mistake on our part. The kids in her class are super young (one girl just turned four this week) and Eliza is very aware that everyone she went to school with last year is in kindergarten now. She’s rushing through her work and flipping it over to color on the back of the page because she says it’s “so easy” for her to do. We keep playing up it’s her chance to be her teacher’s big helper and she can show the younger kids how the Zebras do things in the classroom, but Eliza is pretty savvy and realizes we’re placating her.

In the meantime, we’re working on some stuff at home to be more challenging academically and hoping this was the right choice for her this year.

Parenting, it never gets easier, does it?

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Back To School – The Marion Version

And just like that, we have a first grader!

Sitting with her classmates for morning assembly.

I knew these two would be in full on sister-missing-mode so I planned a fun day for us.

They really look like they are missing her, don’t they?

My day did not include having to climb up here after them though.


Learning to slide with sissy.

And when Big is away, Little will commandeer her Mystery Machine for lunch delivery.


Being without big sister is exhausting.

Yay for a successful first on-campus day of first grade!

We also had a wonderful first day of homeschool first grade too.

Graham even tried to learn his phonograms. And by learn, I mean eat.

Three weeks in to school now and she’s still not sure if her favorite subject is cursive or Greek. I love my nerd 🙂

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